The Toughest Days on the Schedule [a rest day]

Is it just me?  Am I the only one that feels this way?  I think rest days are the toughest ones on the schedule.  I mean… well… think about it.  If you think God made us to run, then our bodies should be clamoring to run.  And today, mine is.  It is screaming out with every fiber of its being.  The message is loud and clear:  “Go, Run, Play!”

Maybe the first and last words of that command would be okay, but my schedule says no running today.  My mind says no running today.  I have qualified for Boston three times now with schedules that included at least 1 rest day per week, so I know it works!  We need this day to recuperate before the big Saturday pace run and the long Sunday run.  With no rest, these runs could go flat, or much worse things like injuries and overtraining could sideline me for a while.  So, I faithfully take the day off.

Still, my body cries out: “Go, Run, Play!”

Is it just me?

Happy Running!

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  1. Ha ha I too am siting Friday out- Hals orders….

  2. No it is not just you Mark – I hate rest days, even though I know they are beneficial and necessary. :-)

  3. Nope…not just you but I am getting better at having them and am understanding the reasons for them.

  4. Of course it’s not just you Mark. This is a concept you have successfully taught to many “knucklehead” runners such as myself….it’s truly about discipline and the third word in your posting here is FUN. Sometimes we need to disqualify FUN and exercise some training discipline and not run for the sake of the greater goal. But all runners who have this problem are truly, truly blessed aren’t we?? HAHA! We are blessed like crazy if we are enjoying our running so much that it becomes hard to discipline ourselves to not run. The perspective here is amazing to me and if the spirit of a runner is so strong that they have overcome all physical opposition to running even when running is not advised for the sake of the larger goal…that is a GREAT problem to have!

  5. The third word is “play” but “fun” has the same meaning!

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